Sunflower – Luxury Vinyl Plank

FloorTek - HYBC Flooring Company

Sunflower – Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Sunflower – LVP from the Caroline Collection by Floortek


FloorTek (HYBC)

Nestled in the scenic beauty of Vancouver, HYBC Flooring, fondly known to our community as FloorTek, is more than just a flooring provider. We are artisans of comfort, architects of beautiful homes, and curators of elegant spaces. For years, we've been at the forefront of transforming residences and commercial spaces in Vancouver and beyond, one floor at a time. FloorTek isn't just about floors; it's about grounding your dreams, aspirations, and memories in a foundation that's robust, aesthetic, and enduring. Our expertise spans a multitude of flooring options, from the rustic charm of hardwood to the modern sleekness of laminate, the luxury of marble to the warmth of carpeting.
FloorTek - HYBC Flooring Company


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