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Vinyl Flooring | Are you looking for vinyl flooring in Vancouver. Order premium luxury vinyl flooring for living rooms and bedrooms at Vantile.
Vinyl Flooring Vancouver
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At Vantile, our  luxury selection of vinyl flooring planks helps you make an impression to draw customers to a business, enhance the beauty of a home, or elevate public areas. We aim to make the finished flooring and hardscapes long-lasting, beautiful, and safe for year-round use.

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Introducing Stone Polymer Composite (SPC), the latest innovation in vinyl flooring. SPC rigid vinyl flooring, also known as Rigid Vinyl Plank, represents a high-tech breakthrough in environmentally friendly flooring, completely free of formaldehyde. Unlike conventional vinyl flooring, SPC rigid vinyl plank is crafted using 100% virgin PVC. Its core ingredients consist of natural limestone powder and polyvinyl chloride, resulting in unparalleled strength, rigidity, and waterproof properties.

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