Laminate Flooring Vancouver

Laminate flooring comes in different thicknesses, as thicker varieties can help with sound insulation and stability. Laminate flooring underlay is also important in ensuring a good sturdy installation. Embossed laminate flooring mimics the grain of actual wood for an authentic look and feel. Hand-scraped laminate flooring has the look and feel of restored hardwood for more rustic applications. The smooth laminate has a glossy finish for a clean look. Most hardwood laminate is water-resistant which means it can resist water penetration to a certain degree and should not be exposed to water for too long. So, if you are in the market for kitchen laminate flooring or bathroom laminate flooring you will need to keep this in mind. You can also opt for laminate tile flooring. Laminate tiles can be a cost-efficient option in terms of material cost as well as the cost to install.