VANTILE Ltd has a history of providing access to material that is unique, with high quality and affordably priced. Our showroom in North Vancouver is a design hub ready for contractors, architects, interior designers, and homeowners to come and discuss plans, ideas, and projects with one another.

We offer experienced and knowledgeable advice to help in the selection material for all residential and commercial applications. VANTILE offers everything related to flooring and remodeling of your entire home. Our collection includes a huge selection of ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiles for interior and exterior design projects. We also provide cabinetry and countertops at an affordable price with the best service possible. VANTILE also offers a good variety of high-quality flooring materials including engineered hardwood, laminate flooring, vinyl and SPC.

If you are looking for inspiration or ideas for your next renovation or new construction be sure to check out our website and showroom, because no matter what the size of the project you have at hand, our professional staff at VANTILE are ready to listen and help you out.