Porcelain Tiles

Why should you choose porcelain tiles in Vancouver? This gorgeous material can transform your flooring, countertops, and backsplashes and provide a cohesive, upscale look throughout your home. Feldspar, quartz, sand, and water combine to create this unique construction material. For hundreds of years, artisans made porcelain tiles by hand, firing the clay at ultra-high temperatures to produce dense, durable tiles. Today, each manufacturer has its own ingredients and processing techniques to create bespoke porcelain slabs and tiles. Contact Deco-Tile today for help selecting your pattern and texture.


We love to recommend porcelain tiles to replace carpeting or worn wooden flooring. You can also use them to create stunning accents, such as porcelain backsplashes or counters formed from one-of-a-kind porcelain slabs Vancouver homeowners and commercial property owners love.

Here are some of the advantages of using porcelain tiles to increase the value of your property:

Low Maintenance: You can clean spills quickly with a damp cloth or mop or add a gentle liquid cleanser as part of your regular cleaning routine. This durable material doesn’t fade and is resistant to cracking once installed properly. Most porcelain tiles offer a slip resistance value which is a unique characteristic not found in stones or ceramics.
Adds Flair to Flooring: Elevate your kitchen, living room, and dining room with gorgeous porcelain tiles. Porcelain also upgrades your bedroom to a luxurious master suite, adding personality and flair throughout your home. It’s a great choice for offices too, adding style and chic to modern spaces.
Timelessness: Porcelain has a long lifespan that matches your busy family’s lifestyle. If you feel lost for decorating ideas, consider porcelain tile for your Vancouver home.
Architects and designers use porcelain tile and slabs because of the durability of the material and the options available. As manufacturing technology improves, the design possibilities increase drastically. The realistic looks of stone, wood and industrial materials can be achieved.