Superior Evolution 3902: The Ultimate in Laminate Flooring Excellence

Durable and Timeless Laminate Flooring Planks for Every Room

Experience the pinnacle of laminate flooring with the Superior Evolution 3902 planks. These 12 mm thick (1/2 inch) planks are designed for homeowners who demand the very best in flooring. Originating in Germany, a country known for its precision and craftsmanship, the Superior Evolution 3902 laminate planks are made to last. Measuring 192 mm (7-1/2 inches) in width and 1380 mm (4-1/2 inches) in length, these planks are perfect for every room in your house, whether it’s the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or basement. The natural color beautifully replicates the look of authentic wood, adding a timeless elegance to your home. If you’re in the market for a laminate flooring shop or are searching for laminate suppliers in Vancouver, look no further. The Superior Evolution 3902 is the ultimate choice for homeowners who want a floor that combines durability and beauty.

Superior Evolution 3902: The Natural Beauty of Laminate Flooring

Elevate Your Home with the Authentic Look of Wood

Bring the beauty and warmth of natural wood into your home with the Superior Evolution 3902 laminate flooring. The natural color and realistic wood grain patterns make these planks a stunning addition to any space. Whether you’re renovating your entire home or just remodeling a specific room, the Superior Evolution 3902 laminate flooring provides the perfect foundation for your design. Each plank is 12 mm thick (1/2 inch), offering an ideal balance between durability and comfort. With a coverage of 13.99 square feet per box, these planks are an affordable option for homeowners looking to transform large spaces without breaking the bank. Elevate your living spaces with the Superior Evolution 3902 laminate flooring and experience the beauty and charm of natural wood without the maintenance hassles.




192 mm, 7-1/2 inch


1380 mm, 4-1/2 inch


1/2 inch, 12 mm