Timeless Oak Grey Laminate

Say farewell to the hassles and glitches of subpar flooring. Instead, indulge in the smooth, velvety surface and modern grey tones of our Timeless Oak Grey Laminate. Unleash your creativity and transform your home into a stylish sanctuary with a flooring solution that exudes luxury and class.
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The Timeless Oak Grey Laminate – a stunning blend of modern aesthetics and enduring quality

Are you a discerning homeowner looking to elevate your living spaces with high-quality European laminate flooring? Look no further – your search ends here.

Let’s uncover the exceptional features and benefits that make our Timeless Oak Grey Laminate the perfect choice for your home renovation, remodel, or repair:

🔹 German Craftsmanship: Proudly made in Germany, our Timeless Oak Grey Laminate is the epitome of durability and precision engineering.
🔹 Perfect Proportions: Boasting a generous width of 188 mm (7 inches) and a length of 1375 mm (4-1/2 inches), our planks ensure a seamless installation process.
🔹 Sturdy Thickness: At an impressive 12 mm (1/2 inch) thickness, this flooring provides unparalleled stability, durability, and noise reduction.
🔹 Contemporary Color: The modern grey shade of our Timeless Oak Grey Laminate breathes sophistication and style into your living spaces.
🔹 Coverage Per Box: Each box covers an impressive 13.99 square feet, making it ideal for both small and large projects.

Imagine the feeling of accomplishment as you step back and admire your newly transformed home, boasting the sleek and modern appeal of our Timeless Oak Grey Laminate. Picture the compliments and envious glances from friends and family as they marvel at the seamless integration of style and function. Our Timeless Oak Grey Laminate is perfect for any room in your house, be it your kitchen, basement, or living room. Its robust construction and easy-care nature make it a top choice for homeowners seeking a low-maintenance yet stunning flooring solution.

What sets our Timeless Oak Grey Laminate apart from the competition is the harmonious fusion of German engineering, premium materials, and a contemporary design that never goes out of style. Why compromise on quality or aesthetics when you can have both with our remarkable laminate flooring? Don’t wait any longer to bring your dream home to life. Embrace the sophistication and enduring quality of our Timeless Oak Grey Laminate today!




188 mm, 7 inch


1375 mm, 4-1/2 inch


1/2 inch, 12 mm


Grey Modern