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Turn your home into a stunning work of art with Night Owl 7 1/2″ hardwood flooring by Vidar. If you’re looking for the perfect way to refurbish, renovate, or remodel any room in your home, this engineered hardwood flooring is the ideal solution.

So, why Night Owl 7 1/2″ hardwood flooring?

First and foremost, owning this flooring option brings a sense of peace, serenity, and tranquility. Imagine walking around your house with ease, each step bringing with it a velvety touch of tranquility. Envision your guests admiring your space and feeling welcomed by the unique presentation of your home.

Not only is Night Owl 7 1/2″ hardwood flooring a stunning addition to your home, but it’s also the perfect functional investment. It solves everyday challenges faced by hardwood owners while being both a reliable and durable product.

Here are the key features and advantages of owning Night Owl 7 1/2″ hardwood flooring:

  • Highly durable: With a 3mm wear layer, you can trust that Night Owl 7 1/2″ hardwood flooring is built to last. Don’t worry about getting scratches or dents from everyday use or staining; make your home a worry-free space.
  • Ideal for any room: Use it in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, basement, or any other area of your home. And the best part is that this flooring option is perfect for any type of décor or interior design.
  • Unique and stylish: Vidar has developed a truly exquisite grey-coloured flooring option that creates an instant WOW factor in any room. The colour is a perfect blend of light and dark hues, which gives your space a unique and premium appearance.
  • Easy to clean: This flooring option features simple care instructions that ensure your space stays clean and fresh. With this engineered hardwood flooring, you save time and energy while maintaining the beauty of your floors.
  • High-quality brand: Vidar is known for its exceptional craftsmanship in delivering premium hardwood flooring options to homeowners everywhere.

Night Owl 7 1/2″ hardwood flooring is the perfect product for homeowners who want to add unique style and premium quality to their homes. During the purchasing process, our clients often ask the same questions. Can the product stand up to everyday wear and tear? Is it the right colour for my room? Is it easy to maintain? And we always give the same answer: yes!

With Night Owl 7 1/2″ hardwood flooring, you’ll get all these benefits and much more. Moreover, with its unique grey hue, it will add an extra layer of elegance to your space.

In conclusion, if you’re a homeowner looking to improve your home’s appearance, make it feel more welcoming, and add some tranquility, then Night Owl 7 1/2″ hardwood flooring by Vidar is your answer. Acquire this product today and experience the aesthetic appeal and reliable functionality that it brings to your home!




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Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, they have been a leading supplier of top-quality hardwood, laminate, and vinyl flooring products since their inception. With over 500 distributors across the country, they are committed to delivering premium flooring products and exceptional customer service to all their clients.

Vidar flooring Brand Logo

Vidar flooring Brand Logo