Amalfi Oak Binylpro

Water Resistant Laminate
The Floor That Gives You One Less Thing to Worry About!
Its Moisture Defense Technology makes it a sure bet when it comes to everyday mishaps. You no longer have to worry about your floor, for example you spill a drink or cause minor water spillage. The extremely rugged surface with an AC5 durability rating (EN 13329) withstands the demands of everyday life and more. 100% Made in Germany.

Wood Design:
5/16″ thick x 7 1/2″ wide x 50 5/8″ in length
Tile Design:
5/16″ thick x 12 7/8″ wide x 25″ in length

Effortless Protection and Reliability

Amalfi Oak Binylpro: A Durable Solution for a Worry-Free Home

Take the worry out of daily life with the Amalfi Oak Binylpro laminate flooring. Its Moisture Defense Technology makes it an ideal choice for homeowners seeking a reliable and protective flooring solution. No need to stress over accidental spills or minor water splashes – this laminate flooring has got you covered. Its tough and durable surface, rated AC5 (EN 13329), can handle the demands of everyday life and more. As a product that’s 100% made in Germany, you can trust in the craftsmanship and quality of the Amalfi Oak Binylpro laminate flooring.

Classy Aesthetics and Authentic Design

Amalfi Oak Binylpro: An Inviting Touch of Nature for Your Remodeling Project

Looking to infuse a touch of nature into your home renovation? The Amalfi Oak Binylpro laminate flooring, with its wood pattern that’s 5/16″ thick, 7 1/2″ wide, and 50 5/8″ in length, offers an inviting and authentic design. Its warm and elegant oak look complements various interior styles, from traditional to contemporary. Whether you’re updating your living space or giving your basement a facelift, this laminate flooring is the perfect choice. As a water-resistant flooring option, it’s also ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, providing a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality that homeowners will appreciate.