Water Resistant Laminate

Now you can install this affordable flooring in more rooms of the home – like the kitchen or bathroom – with confidence that it will withstand the mess of everyday chaos.
Waterproof laminate is an upgraded version of the popular wood-look synthetic floor that can now resist water damage. Laminate offers realistic looks that could easily pass for real hardwood. People love how affordable laminate is, but it has never been known for its ability to withstand water.
Waterproof seal: First, the surface features a water-repellent seal that keeps spills and moisture from the core.
Watertight joints: Each plank locks together tightly to prevent water from seeping through. Some waterproof laminate flooring features bevels that wrap over the plank’s edges for even better moisture protection at the joints.
Water-resistant core: Then, waterproof laminate’s core layer is made of compressed high-density fiberboard (HDF) with resins. This makes it less susceptible to swelling and ensures better water resistance.